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¿What is a MLS? Multiple Listing Service, it is a system of Real State  Property that is of sharing the contracts of exclusivity sale between all the agent that take part in a MLS.

Th estate agents share the fees: 50% for the agent that represent to the seller and 50% for the agent that represent to the buyer.

This system is originary from the EEUU over a 100 years old, that means that allow you to close aproximately 90% of  property sales that are done between the estate agents grouped in a MLS.

This system was introduced in Spain in the year 2000 and the expansión is unstoppable from 2008.
In Spain we have more than 70 MLS working and it will increase up to 200 in the next few years, we are working towards one FEDERATION STATAL OF MLS.

Fincas Eva Servicios Inmobiliarios S.L  is part of 2 of MLS in Barcelona.

 ACTIVAT: Group of more of 100 states agencies and offices in Barcelona Capital and surroundings. 

   IMMOSOMNI: MLS is Group of agencies specialised in Eixample, Sagrada Familia, Poblenou and Sants.




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